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Student Council

Who are we?

Name Year School
Shayan Patel 7 Trade
Jarelle Mcmurrough 7 World
Max Hunt 7 Performance
Freya Brockwell-Roberts 7 Performance
Zara Amien 8 World
Harrison Fishwick 8 World
Julia Tyrc 8 Trade
Adam Ebrahim 8 Performance
Charlie Seymour 8 Horizon
Thomas Carabine 8 Horizon
Hannah Herron 9 World
Roslyn Wills 9 Trade
Toby Gifford 9 Performance
Wirabel Windsor 10 World
Priscilla Agyemang 10 Trade
Nathan Weeler 10 Ignis
Charlotte Collins 11 World
Paige Tume 11 Trade
Brandon Farley 11 Trade
Luka Raketa 12 World
Alexandru Andritoiu 12 Trade
Athavan Tharmaradnam 12 World

What do we do?

The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the voice of the students by listening to the views of all pupils. We meet weekly to debate and discuss things that matter to you.

How can you contact us?

Every Friday tutor time we hold a meeting in W024 - feel free to come along and join the meeting. Please feel free to leave your ideas or to ask us any questions by writing a comment and placing it in the Student Council suggestion box. You can identify us as we all wear a Student Council badge.


How to get involved?

If you have an idea, or want something new, we’re here to help you to make it happen. Submit your idea here and we will try to put it into action.

If you are interested in joining or supporting the student council, please contact Miss Patsides via email: apatsides@suttonmail.org