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Student Voice

Stanley Park High is a community and as such believes that all members of its community are of equal value and invaluable worth. At Stanley Park High we believe that all students are entitled to contribute actively in shaping the educational experience they and their fellow students receive. Effective delivery of this policy will give them the opportunity to do so.  As well as assisting in young people’s learning and social development, such student involvement is also of active benefit to the Schools performance. Stanley Park High is committed to placing student voice at the centre of lesson planning, design of the wider curriculum and all areas of School life.

What are Student Voice and Leadership?

Student Voice is the set of systems through which young people are enabled to give their opinions and suggestions on School life in an open, honest, secure yet constructive way. Student leadership enables students to actively participate in the day-to-day running and the improvement and development of their School.

Student Voice and Leadership Activities

  • Student Leadership Team - This group mirrors the School Leadership team. Formal applications and rigorous interview processes secure a position on this prestigious team.
  • Student Council - The Council will be a key mechanism for discussing and making suggestions about issues of whole School importance but which represent students’ collective views. This body will be democratically elected from each coaching group that meets every week during the academic year. Sub-groups may represent different combinations of students and have specific foci.
  • Curriculum Consultants - Students with interests and expertise in specific subjects will have the opportunity to serve on a panel of subject consultants and meet periodically with Programme Leaders They may also support faculties and curriculum areas at School events.
  • Learning Observers - Students will be trained to take part in classroom learning observations, giving feedback to and discussing learning outcomes with staff as appropriate.
  • Assembly Leaders - Students will be responsible for leading assemblies, planning themes for the week and co-ordinating with visiting speakers.
  • Peer Mentors - Students will be trained in order to support their peers experiencing difficulties at the School especially pertaining to social interaction, learning and bullying. Peer mentors will be trained in anti-bullying strategies.
  • Tour Guides - Tour guides will be trained to host visitors and show them around the School.
  • Interview Panel Members - All candidates for posts at the School will be interviewed by a panel of students.
  • Behaviour Code Members - When appropriate, a panel of trained students will listen to the details of disciplinary cases related to other students and advise regarding sanctions and/or reparation.
  • Eco-squad - Students with a particular interest in environmental issues will advise the School regarding environmentally sustainable systems and help put these in place, e.g. recycling and energy preservation.
  • Sports Leaders - students will be provided with opportunities to train as sports coaches and assist with sport in the Academy and in the local community eg feeder primary schools
  • TV and Radio - Students with particular interests will set up a production company to produce a radio and TV programs with information regarding the School incorporating the HT Blog.
  • Healthy Eating - Students will ensure high standards of food and offering feedback to Harrison’s on SPH views on quality and quantity.


For further information please read the Student Voice Policy

If you would like to contact Student Voice, email sphstudentvoice@suttonlea.org