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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The DofE Award celebrates what you do outside of the classroom, develops your ability to make decisions and is designed to stretch your comfort zone. It is rewarding, develops your multiple aptitudes and is highly regarded by universities and employers.

The world's leading achievement award for young people is a popular extra-curricular activity at Stanley Park High. Our students join the 275,000 young people a year from every possible background taking part in the Award programme to broaden their horizons, develop their leadership skills, learn to work with others, volunteer in their local communities, increase their employability, and prove to themselves they can succeed at a serious challenge.


Students manage their own Award through which they develop an understanding of themselves, others and the environment through the four activity sections:

  • Volunteering – asks participants to use their skills and experience to help the local community.
  • Physical – encouraging participants to get involved have fun and get fitter through sport.
  • Skills - developing a skill helps participants get better at something they are really interested in and gives them the confidence and ability to use this skill both now and later in life.

If you need any further information, talk to Miss Procter. You can also look at the DofE website www.DofE.org

DOE Bronze Enrolment Letter
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