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Personal Progress Tutoring

At Post 16 we pride ourselves on the support and care offered to our students to help them to achieve their academic goals.

Each studnet will have a Personal Progress Tutor who will closely monitor their academic progress, and encourage them to achieve their potential throughout their time at Post 16. Their Personal Progress Tutor will have a complete overview of their academic and personal development and ensure that they are on track. The care they receive will aim to empower and inspire students to make the most of the opportunities they experience and ensure that they feel supported to face the challenges they experience in this critical time of their life.

The role of the Personal Progress Tutor is central to everything students do. In many ways their Personal Progress Tutor will be the professional and critical friend who is their first line of support. They will have a range of informal and formal conversations with their Personal Progress Tutor on a one-to-one session fortnightly as part of the Post 16 progress monitoring process. They will be a central supportive figure in student’s transition from school to Post 16, as well as managing all aspects of progression to Higher Education and employment. You will receive a Progress Monitoring Report about your son/daughter’s progress in December, January and March, these will be followed by Parents’/Carers’ Evenings.

The Personal Tutor’s job is to provide high quality support to maximise the progress and achievement of each student during their time in Post 16. Should you wish to contact their personal tutor please do not hesitate to email them.

Useful Contacts

Head of Post-16
Miss Patel - dpatel28@suttonmail.org

Post 16 Administrator & Work Experience Co-ordinator
Mrs Hemmings - mhemmings@suttonmail.org

Personal Progress Tutors
Miss Patsides - apatsides@suttonmail.org
Mrs Weston - kweston@suttonmail.org
Mr Wocial - awocial@suttonmail.org
Miss Perryman – mperryman3@suttonmail.org
Ms Procter - tprocter@suttonmail.org
Mr Ford -  sford29@suttonmail.org
Mrs Jackson - ajackson1@suttonmail.org
Mr Shcherbatyuk - oshcherbatyuk1@suttonmail.org