Option Blocks Year 12 2016/17

The entry qualification for studying Year 12 courses is 5 A* to C grades in any subjects at GCSE/BTEC for Level 3 courses and 4 A* to D for Level 2.

Each course has its own individual entry requirements which you must demonstrate through your GCSE/BTEC grades.

Please note:    

  • You must choose a minimum of 3 subjects to study.
  • You may choose a maximum of 4 subjects to study.
  • Only one subject/academy can be studied from each block.

If you choose the following subjects then they must be picked in each block: BTEC Sport, Health & Social Care or Business Studies.

Level 3 Courses (entry qualification 5 A* to C overall in any subjects at GCSE/BTEC)
Block A Block B Block C Block D Block E
Fine Art Physics Business Studies Biology Chemistry
AS Mathematics Photography History Religious Studies Geography
English Literature Accounting Physical Education AS Info Technology Psychology
Y1 Hospitality & Catering Y1 BTEC ICT   Y1 BTEC Public Services Y1 BTEC Creative Media IT
Y1 BTEC Health & Social Care Y1 BTEC Health & Social Care   Y1 BTEC Business Studies Y1 BTEC Business Studies
  Y1 BTEC Sport (C&D) Y1 BTEC Sport (C&D)    
CAFC Football  Y12 & Y13
Level 2 Courses (entry qualification 4 A* to D in any subjects at GCSE/BTEC)
Y1 BTEC Retail Y1 BTEC Public Service Y1 BTEC Health & Social Care Y1 BTEC Travel & Tourism GCSE Maths
    GCSE English    

Additional Academic Qualifications
Extended Project Qualifications

Due to timetable constraints courses in option blocks maybe subject to change.
Version 1 18/03/2016