Structure of Support Staff Teams

The school has invested a considerable amount of time and money into restructuring the Administrative and Support Teams across the school in order to ensure an even more effective provision that impacts upon the success and well-being of our students. Please look at the new structure to see a range of new posts and a set of staff names who have been successfully assimilated and appointed into these new posts across the school. This structure will came into effect in September 2014.

As a parent, one of the most noticeable changes within the structure may be the fact that we no longer have a Behaviour and Support Team (BASS). This has been replaced by a number of posts within the Inclusion Team so that we can better support our students by providing a high level of support and intervention to more specifically address their needs. If you wish to speak to the school about a concern regarding your child you should continue to speak to their Form Tutor. If it was a more serious concern the Progress Leader or Head of School may also be contacted. If the concern is regarding your child's learning within a particular subject then you should speak to the subject teacher. Again, if the concern is more serious the Subject Leader (Core or Programme Leaders) or Head of School may also be contacted.

As you can appreciate, with so many changes occurring at the start of an academic year, there will be a lot of pressures put upon staff to adapt to the new posts and change in roles. We thank you in advance for your support and patience as we believe that the long term gain of the new structure will ensure we run an even more effective provision.

Assessment & Exams Team

Communications Team

Finance & Premises Team

Mrs S Thangarajah
Assessment & Data Officer

Miss C Beadle
Examinations Officer

Mrs M Flower
Communications & HR Team Leader

Miss A Horrigan
Communications & HR Assistant

Ms D Stocks
PA to the Headteachers (including Officer to the GB)

Miss T Burls
Administration & Reception Assistant

Miss C Johnson-Laird
Administration & Reception Assistant

Mr S Storey
Reprographics & Display Assistant

Mr M Sullivan
Network Manager

Mr S Hewitt
Media/ICT Technician

Mr D Lumsden
ICT Technician

Mrs S Allen
Finance & Premises Team Leader

Mrs S Keen
Finance Officer

Mrs P Sammut
Finance Administrator

Mr G Marshall
Site Manager

Mr C Pun
Cleaning & Maintenance Assistant

Mr O Thapa
Cleaning & Maintenance Assistant

Mr R Marshall
Cleaning & Maintenance Assistant (including lorry driving)

Inclusion Team

Learning Support Team

Technical Support Team

Mrs K Miller

Miss J Stevens
Senior Attendance Officer

Mr R Worsley
School Attendance Liaison Officer

Mrs T Corfield
Safeguarding Liaison & Administration Officer

Mrs D Eves
Inclusion Administration Manager

Mrs N Gartell
Inclusion Administrative Assistant

 Mrs C Hollick
Inclusion Administrative Assistant

Mrs C Small
Inclusion Assistant Performance School

Mrs C Ball
Inclusion Assistant World School

Mrs E Thompson
Inclusion Assistant Trade School

Numeracy Support Team

Mrs S Shukla

Mr D Astani
Numeracy LSA

Literacy Support Team

Mrs M Walker
Literacy Support Team Leader

Mr A Brims
LRC Manager

Mrs J Harris
Literacy LSA

Miss R Knapp
Literacy LSA

Mrs F Cioffi
Senior Science Technician

Mrs T Ragudharan
Science Technician

Mrs R Astani
Science Technician

Mr S Fletcher
Trade School Technician