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Assessment and Graduation

We have a rigorous assessment process for every project. Firstly, the outcome of the project is assessed by the audience – this could be the CEO of a company if the outcome is a business pitch, the target audience for a book in a publishing project, or reviews from the audience of the play in a drama project. This ensures that the outcome must reach professional standards. Secondly, the content and knowledge developed is assessed through more traditional assessment techniques; through essays, quizzes and tests. Thirdly, the student participation is assessed – their effort and contribution to lessons and project work time, the quality and punctuality of their homework. Finally, students reflect on their own learning in depth, and the quality of this reflection adds to the overall grade of each project – Bronze, Silver or Gold.

The wonderful thing about this assessment system is that with each project, you get a new start. You get a chance to learn from your mistakes and improve. Every child has the chance to achieve gold; we recognise the strengths and potential of each individual.

At the end of year 8, EFC students have a graduation interview in front of their teacher, their parents and some members of the school community, maybe a school governor or a senior teacher. They speak for twenty minutes, explaining their progress and their learning over the two years. This is a very daunting challenge even for adults, but our students are well-prepared and they always impress the panel. 

EFC students are proud of what they do. They want their work to be absolutely perfect, and always to professional standard. They don’t see teachers as having all the answers; they know that they have to work independently and with others to find out what they need to know.  Children learn best when they are interested and they have a reason to; REAL projects make this happen.