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Horizon is coloured in shades of orange/yellow and is housed in the building in the north-east corner of the site. The Leadership Team in Horizon comprises Ms A Bailey (Head of School), Mr D Wardle (Head of Aqua), Miss R Smith (Lead Practitioner Ignis) and Mrs V Zerhauova (EAL Co-ordinator).

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Ms A Bailey Mr D Wardle Miss R Smith
  Mrs V Zerhauova  


Further information regarding SEN and EAL can be found under the Learning tab above.

An important part of Horizon are our two Opportunity Bases, Aqua and Ignis, which cater for statemented students with Autism Spectrum Condition. Aqua supports the learning of students whose prime need is ‘mild’ Autism. These students are expected to spend at least 90% of their time in one of the three ‘Small Schools’ attending mainstream lessons, including the Excellent Futures Curriculum. Ignis supports the learning of students whose prime need is ‘moderate’ Autism. These students will spend virtually all of their time in Horizon, although they may join selected mainstream lessons if it is felt to be appropriate.

Horizon offers a fully equipped environment for supporting students with an ASC, which includes specialist classrooms, social areas, sensory room, bedsit, IT suite, its own playground and secure drop-off area for taxis and parents. Students also have access to all of the state of the art facilities that are available in the mainstream part of the school.

Students have access to an integrated multi-disciplinary support team, which includes a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist (Ignis only) and Dramatherapist. They focus on supporting language and communication needs, physical development and developing independence across the school. Students also have the opportunity to go horse-riding at the Diamond Riding Centre, which is situated literally just behind the school. We can also access support from additional outside agencies when necessary.

Our aims are:

  • To provide an education for statemented students with an ASC which meets all of their individual needs and prepares them to live as independent a life as possible as an adult, so that they can become productive and happy members of society.
  • To offer a broad, balanced and dynamic curriculum individually tailored to promote the academic, personal and social development of each individual student.
  • To provide structures and strategies to enable students with an ASC to achieve their academic, personal and social potential.
  • To promote self-esteem and self-worth at all times.
  • To facilitate the integration of students with an ASC in all areas of school life where, and whenever it is deemed beneficial and appropriate.
  • To liaise with parents and external agencies to help ensure the continuity of students’ needs are met in the wider community.
  • To promote awareness and understanding of ASC within the school.

DFA Admissions Policy (mild) 6.0 AQUA
DFA Admissions Policy (moderate) IGNIS
Local Offer Aqua
Local Offer Ignis
Local Offer Mainstream SEN