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Tours and Training Programmes

Snapshot Tours

These are tours of the school where you will be accompanied by two students. After the tour a meeting with Maria Walker will be held in order to discuss the ethos and practices of the school a little further and to ascertain an interest in any of the packages below.

Spotlight Tours

These are bespoke packages that can be devised after an initial consultation or Snapshot Tour of the school. They can include a mixture of the packages below, honing in on certain areas that are of specific interest to a group of people. Some recent examples have included:

  • KS3 Curriculum re-design and Vertical Tutoring (Senior Leaders from Stamford Welland Academy)
  • Establishing a Culture of Improvement: The EFC; adaptable Learning Spaces and Applied Learning (Head teachers from Victoria, Australia)
  • Project-Based Learning and Assessment without Levels (Trainee student teachers from London Universities and ATL delegates)
  • Transition, Learning Culture and the small school ethos (University research delegates from Ataturk University, Turkey)

The Excellent Futures Curriculum


This popular package offers a detailed insight into our successful ‘EFC’ including aspects of leading a new, alternative curriculum. School leaders may be interested in how to set this up, develop and maintain success when developing an alternative curriculum at KS3 – including staffing; pedagogy and planning. Curriculum leaders and teachers are taken through practical examples of how to plan ‘projects’ and take examples away with them that they can readily adapt and implement in their own school setting. Insights into successful assessment strategies for projects are also given, as are strategies for differentiation when teaching project-based learning.

Assessment, Recording and the Stanley Park Student Conferences

Designed for Senior Leaders with the responsibility for Assessment, Recording and Reporting and Curriculum/Subject leaders, this professional learning will explore the questions:

  • What is authentic assessment and how can it be implemented?
  • How do we prepare students and subject teachers for this fundamental change?
  • What is the critical role of the tutor in the holistic assessment practices?
  • How do we effectively engage parents in an authentic assessment process?
  • How do we successfully implement flipped parents’ evenings through successful student conferences?


School Re-Design


At a time of increasing school size and the emergence of titan schools, many have argued that ‘humanity of scale’ (alongside a focus on developing relationships) should inform the design and practice of our schools so that young people are known, valued and can flourish. This package is for existing schools or those interested in setting up free schools to promote human scale learning environments. It addresses the creation of a vision and the essential building blocks to answer these questions:

  • What is human scale?
  • Why should relationships be the number one priority?
  • What does research say about optimum numbers?
  • What structures are required to create a human scale environment and how do we go about creating them?
  • What practice is essential and what needs to be left behind?