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Welcome all! Our EFC blog is now up and running again for 2016-2017. Our year 7 and 8 EFC students, across the three mini-schools, are proud to share their work and thoughts on a weekly basis. Tune in every Friday to keep up to date with the latest projects, events and student achievements.

Friday, 21st April 2017

In Trade and World Schools our current EFC topic is ‘Upcycled Chic’ in this project we are taking discarded objects and turning them into something new and usable. An example of this would be converting a large shirt into a dress. We have developed a number of skills such as sewing, stitching, cutting with fabric and for some of us tiedying. These are important skills to learn for when we are older as you may not want to throw away some of your favourite clothes alternatively you may even discover a passion for design and technology. We have used great perseverance and resilience to stay on task and complete our projects to the design that we had originally planned. We used a lot of resources such as fabric pens, paints, needles, thread and buttons to make sure that our final product was perfect! We also had a few additional lessons to fully understand how to sew and  how to do the ladder stich. This was a very fun and creative topic and we will enjoy doing the fashion show on the 25th of April 2017.


Friday, 14th April 2017

In year 7 we have done lots of different projects, each project has been very different. The titles of the projects we have completed so far are:

  • ‘Being a Stanley Parker’ the project involved writing and producing our own book about the school.
  • ‘Behind the Selfie’ in this project we discovered how to draw a self-portrait and the pyschology behind portraits.
  • ‘The people are revolting’ we researched history of the peasants and the black death.
  • Upcycle chic which involved getting old clothes and making them look better, culminating in a fashion show!

All these topics are very interesting and they have involved a lot of time, knowledge and effort. We have all really enjoyed this term.