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26th June 2018

Year 7 - The Sky’s the Limit

Students have now finished their Sky’s the Limit project. Their amazing Performances were shown to parents/carers and staff who took time to express how pleased they were with the performance and how well students had acted and how all the production came together. Before and after the performance parents and carers also had the opportunity to see the homework that was produced throughout the project. Students had worked hard together as a team to ensure that the performance ran smoothly.  Students have also taken time to reflect on their own individual role in the project.


All EFC teachers are extremely proud of how well every student has worked in both contributing to the performance but also the quality of homework produced. All mini schools have participated in gallery walks where students have showcased their homework and have received positive feedback on their work.

Out and About

Year 7 students have now started their new project ‘Out and About’. Students will learn about the real world, outdoor survival and Geography.

Students will acquire key knowledge and survival tips that will help them on their Survival Day. Students will learn to put up your own tent, cook outside, first aid skills, how to use maps and complete an orienteering course as well as developing their skills when working in a team.

Throughout this project students will learn how:

  • To communicate effectively as a team
  • To be able to define the acronym DRAB
  • To be able to demonstrate how to put someone in the recovery position
  • To be able to demonstrate how to perform CPR on an adult
  • To be able to give basic first aid in an unexpected situation
  • To be able to put up and take down a tent and ensure all equipment is respected and looked after
  • To be able to set up, use and pack away a trangia safely
  • To be able to orientate a map
  • To understand OS map references and symbols
  • To be able to use a compass
  • To be able to work as a team member
  • To develop independence and self-reliance

Alongside the Out and About Project students will also be completing their Backpacking Project. In this project students will plan a backpacking trip around Europe. They have been given £2000 and they need to decide where they want to travel and what they want to experience on their trip. In order to complete the project successfully they have to ensure they research the cheapest ways to travel, where they are going to stay and what excursions or activities they wish to take part in.

At the end of the Backpacking Project students will display their travels to their own mini- school. Students will showcase a portfolio of how they have spent their £2000, show case their itinerary, talk about why they have chosen the countries they will visit etc….

Throughout the Backpacking project students will learn how:

  • To know the countries of Europe and some of their key attractions
  • To reflect on their own personal goals
  • To be able to gather and manage resources
  • To be able to use the internet effectively to research the most suitable options of travel, accommodation and excursions
  • To understand the different currencies in Europe and how to convert currencies
  • To be able to keep accurate budgets using Microsoft Excel

The driving questions behind both projects are:

Out and About:

Can I survive in a difficult situation?
Can I rely on myself?
How well do I work in a team?

The Backpacking Project:

Where in Europe would I like to travel to?
How can I plan a trip of a lifetime which is still within budget?

In addition to this all students will participate in our Survival Challenge Day. Letters have been sent to all parents regarding this.

We have arranged for the students to complete a survival challenge day. Most of the activities will take place on the school site where they will work in teams to complete various challenges including:

  • Camp skills comprising of putting up tents and using trangias to boil water
  • First Aid scenarios
  • Problem solving activities

The dates for the Survival Challenge Days are as follows

Performance - Monday 2nd July 2018
Trade - Thursday 5th  July 2018
World - Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Throughout this project students will need to be team players, independent and well organised.

Year 8 - Be the Boss

Year 8 students have now completed their Be The Boss project. All students worked very hard to ensure that their team food products were the best! All students ensured that their displays were eye catching, that their food products met all the requirements of the project. Some groups made and brought in samples of their food product. The exhibitions in all mini schools were a huge success with parents/carers and staff commenting on how much effort had been put in, how delicious the products tasted or looked. At the end of the exhibition parents/carers and staff were able to vote on their favourite product and the winner from each mini school will then pitch the school canteen and a winner will then be announced.

EFC-Blog-Be-the-Boss-1   EFC-Blog-Be-the-Boss-2

All EFC teachers commented on how committed and hardworking all students were in ensuring their best efforts were put forward for the exhibition.

Make a Stand

Congratulations to Year 8 EFC World students who won the pitch. The 3 winning groups put forward their political ideas and policies to the headmaster and governing body. All EFC teachers are proud of these 3 groups as pitched well and put forward some interesting ideas and policies.

Excellent Futures

Students have started their Excellent Futures project. This is their final piece of work before they graduate. This is an interdisciplinary project that students will complete independently. The objective of this project is to help students map out their life for the next 15 years, so they can gain a sense of what they will need to do to achieve their dreams. They will need to find a high school job, a college, and a career. They will figure out a budget for themselves, and what it will take to buy a house and pay bills. They will complete a series of activities, and put together a portfolio detailing all aspects of their life in their late twenties. Students are to show optimism for the future. This project will involve maths, PSHE and careers.

Throughout this project students will learn how to:

  •  Understanding the different types of qualifications and courses available
  • Understanding how to search for jobs
  • Understanding what qualifications and skills are required for different career choices
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • How to write a CV
  • How to be successful at an interview
  • Understanding the banking system and bank accounts
  • Understanding a payslip
  • Understanding the costs associated with owning a house and a car
  • Developing and reflecting on personal attributes

During this project students will produce a portfolio of documents, presentation about their work and there will be a graduation week.

The driving questions behind this project are:

  • How will your life look when you are in your late twenties?
  • What steps will you need to take to accomplish your dreams?

Year 8 Graduations

Year 8 Graduation interviews will be taking place during the day on Monday 16th July and Tuesday 17th July 2018.

In order to mark and celebrate all students work throughout the 2 years there will be a Graduation evening following by our annual music event in the evening of Tuesday 17th July. Interviews and Graduation evening times will be confirmed nearer the time.

This is an extremely important time for Year 8s. This is a time when they will show case all the work they have done throughout their time in EFC, a time to reflect on how much they have achieved and the skills/SPH attributes they have learnt.

30th May 2018

Year 7 and 8 students have now come to the end of their “Teachers Pet” EFC project.

Students now have the confidence to work independently; have been learning new information and new skills every lesson.  It’s been great to see them supporting one another and working as a team. All mini schools studied their own individual project which included:  designing and creating a superhero with superhero powers; exploring the world of upcycled art and fashion in order to create an upcycled item and capturing what makes an ordinary person a hero, in which students visited a care home and interviewed local residents on their lives.

Year 7 - The Skys’ the limit

Year 7 have now started their new project ,“The Sky’s’ the Limit”.

In this project students will work together to write, produce, direct and perform their own tragic play to a real audience.

The driving questions throughout this project will be:

  • What makes an exciting play?
  • How can we work together to write and perform a successful play?
  • How can we use the conventions of a tragedy in our play?



In addition to this throughout this project students will be able:

  • To understand narrative structure
  • To know how to write an interesting script using the correct format
  • To be able to develop characterisation
  • To understand how set design and lighting contribute to the performance of a play
  • To understanding and be able to employ a range of dramatic approaches and techniques
  • To be able to design costumes which reflect character and are suitable for the stage
  • To able to market and promote a product effectively

Throughout this project, students will be participating in discussions, auditioning for the roles they would like and work as a team.

As part of this project on Thursday 26th April, we were fortunate to have the Globe Theatre Company come in and perform a series of Shakespeare plays. The actors were fun and very interactive and feedback from staff and students was very positive.

Students have been provided with a homework booklet to this project which has been uploaded.

Performances in each mini school will take place in June. Letters advising of the date will be sent out to all parents and carers once dates have been finalised.

Year 8 - Be the Boss

Year 8 students have now started their next project “Be the Boss”.

Students will work in teams of 4-5 to design a new product that will be sold in the school canteen for a limited run. The final outcome will be a pitch to members of the Pabulum Catering Team, who will make the decision about which product is most suitable and has the best pitch.

Students will focus on how they can design a product that will sell and make a profit in the school canteen.

In addition to this students will be able:

  • to conduct market research effectively
  • to analyse market research and effectively present this information using Excel
  • to design a product for a specific audience and purpose
  • to use ratio to calculate large scale production costs
  • to use percentages to calculate profit
  • to collaborate with others to find a solution
  • to present a confident and persuasive pitch.

At the end of this project students will present their products to parents, staff and students at our mini school exhibitions and pitch their product to our catering department.

Throughout the project students will conduct a questionnaire survey, interview students and staff and also have an opportunity to hear a presentation from the catering department regarding the products in the school canteen.

Students will work as a team to create a brand, product and logo. They will be working on their presentation skills, overcoming challenging tasks and incorporating the skill of perseverance – this will involve drafting and redrafting their product so only the best it put forward.

Exhibitions in each mini school will take place in June. Letters will be sent out to all parents and carers once dates have been finalised.

23rd April 2018

Year 7 EFC

Year 7 students had an enjoyable term filled with lots of interesting events.

In March, Year 7s presented their poems at our yearly poetry afternoon. The turnout was excellent and parents and carers were able to read the poetry in the Atrium and look at students’ work on The Peasants’ are Revolting. Feedback was very positive from parents, carers, staff and students. Students saw a marked increase in their oracy skills.

EFC Blog Peotry 1

During this project students also improved their writing skills through essay writing on The Peasants are Revolting and preparing for their poetry evening. Students have now mastered the different stages of drafting and redrafting to ensure that their final piece of work is of a high quality.

Year 7s also benefitted from an afternoon with Cat Hubbard, a speaker from Suttons’ School Work. Cat spoke our Year 7 students about the suffragettes in the early 1900s. Students were involved in lots of discussion, group and paired work.

In addition to this, Year 7s also benefitted from a poetry master class with Mr Bernard Jacobs. During their time with Bernard, students were able to learn about how to write poetry and the meaning behind poetry.

This Summer term will see each mini school is studying a different project. Projects range from Superhero Science in which students will design and create their own superhero with superhero powers, involving scientific experiments and lots of technical art drawing skills. Another project is An Ordinary Hero in which students will create a visual and textual representation of the life of a local elderly resident.

Both projects are both interactive with a focus on empathy, independence and creativity.

Year 8 EFC

Year 8 EFC students had a fantastic end to their Global Canvas project. Tori Ratcliff, a well-known artist, visited the school after half term to talk to our students about her work. Tori talked through her life and how she became an artist. During this talk, students also show cased their art work to Tori who awarded prizes to our students.

In addition to this, World EFC students were fortunate to make the finals in The David Shepherd Global Canvas In to The Wild Competition at The Natural History Museum on Thursday 15th March. Although our students did not win, students enjoyed a fun day with a talk from “MiniBeast Adventures with Jess” Dr Jessica French and also spent time in The Natural History Museum and learning about endangered elephants.


Year 8 students have now come to an end with their Make a Stand project. Students learnt a lot about politics and were fortunate to have had 3 local MPs come into the school and talk to them about political issues currently in the media. The School welcomed Andy Gibbons Labour MP, Matthew Maxwell Scott labour MP and Tom Brake Liberal Democrats MP. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and challenge current political issues.

Three winning political groups from each mini school had the opportunity to present their ideas to the head teacher and governing body with results being published later this week.

EFC Blog Make a stand 1

This term each year 8 mini school is studying a different project. Projects range from Superhero Science in w hichstudents will design and create their own superhero with superhero powers, involving scientific experiments and lots of technical art drawing skills.  Another project is Waste not want not in which students explore the world of upcycled art and fashion in order to create their own upcycled item. Each student will complete a portfolio showing their design process and will be involved in organising an exhibition of their work. As part of this project students had a talk from Jackie Khan - owner of the Corner gallery on Thursday 15th March on upcycling. During this talk students were showed different types of fabrics and how they could be recycled. For further information please see http://www.squirrelscommunityscrapscheme.btck.co.uk/

5th February 2018

Year 7 EFC

Year 7 students have now come to the end of their EFC project: Behind the Selfie#. Students now have the confidence to work independently, have been learning new information and new skills every lesson. Students have been supporting one another and working as a team.

Following on from this successful project, Year 7 have now started their next project “The Peasants’ are Revolting”

In this project students will investigate the history of protest and revolution. They will initially be focusing on either the Peasants’ Revolt or the English Civil War. They will be acting as an historian and will have to analyse sources and write a balance, factually accurate essay about the causes of the revolution.

Students will then consider the role of poetry in protest.  They will write a ballad which is set in, or based around, real historical events and will be performing these ballads at a poetry evening.

In this project students will be:

  • able to use evidence to make historical claims
  • able to question the reliability of a source
  • able to create a structured and evidentially supported response to a question
  • able to identify significant events, make connections, draw contrast and analyse trends linked to the topic of revolution.
  • able to understand how poetry can be used to challenge accepted norms
  • able to apply the conventions of a ballad
  • able to understand how poetry can give people a voice
  • able to use techniques to perform a poem effectively

Throughout this project, students will be participating in discussions, learning how to structure and write a history essay on the causes of the revolution and learning how to write ballads and perform this at a poetry evening. In addition to this, students will be participating in poetry classes from an outside speaker.

As part of their project the poetry evening dates are as follows. Letters have been sent out to all parents.

World School: Tuesday 20th February 2018 (15.45-16.45pm)
Performance School: Monday 26th February 2018 (15.45-16.45pm)
Trade School: Friday 2nd March 2018 (15.45-16.45pm)

Year 8 EFC

Year 8 EFC students have had a fantastic end to their Global Canvas project.  Students have showcased their work.  In addition to this Tori Ratcliff a known artist will be coming in after half term to talk to our students about her work.  This will be a great moment for students to ask questions and to fully engage with the skill of drawing.

Year 8 students have now started their next project “Make a Stand”

Students are going to learn about the structure of British Government, with a particular focus on how political parties are elected. They will work as ministers to research and design policies about the school, and write a party manifesto.

Each minister will prepare a three minute speech on their policies to persuade voters to elect them.

This speech will performed in mock election debates, where each minister will go head-to-head with their opponent, as well as respond to questions from the voters.

Students will be asking themselves:

  • How has the political system in the UK changed?
  • Why should we vote?
  • How is the UK governed?
  • How can I make a stand to improve my school?

Students will be:

  • able to explain how the ideas of individuals and groups led to changes in attitudes towards Britain’s parliamentary system.
  • able to understand the different political systems that exist
  • able to understand the political structure of the UK
  • able to understand the political spectrum
  • able to use persuasive techniques
  • able to give a persuasive presentation
  • able to develop skills in listening and responding.

In addition to this, Cat Hubbard, an outside speaker from Suttons’ School Work, will be coming in to speak to students regarding this topic. This will involve lots of classroom activities with opportunities to ask questions.

18th December 2017

Year 7 EFC

#Behind the Selfie

Year 7 EFC students have made fantastic progress in their current project. All students are in the final stages of preparing their mood board which will represent themselves along with the final draft of their portrait.

In addition to this students have studied hard and passed their biology test which all EFC teachers are very proud of.

Students have worked very hard on this project and for them there has been a real sense of achievement in drafting and redrafting their self portrait. A skill that we know will be of use as they continue their journey with us here at Stanley Park High.

Year 7s  have also had the opportunity to showcase their homework through our gallery walks- which has involved researching the human eye and ear. Students have used this homework to consolidate their knowledge of the human face.

Finally, students have completed a learning log in which they  have reflected on the many different aspects of their project. Students have been very positive about this project and we look forward to the seeing their final piece of artwork which will be displayed in their EFC studios.

Year 8 EFC

Global Canvas

Year 8 EFC students have had a positive few weeks working on their Global Canvas project and are in the final stages of their art work.

Students had the opportunity to visit London Zoo where they worked on a focused student activity booklet. Students spent time visiting various animal kingdoms researching different animals and answering questions on these animals and linking this to the climate change, deforestation and poaching. All Year 8 EFC students’ behaviour was outstanding throughout the whole day; students were a credit to themselves and Stanley Park High.

These last few weeks, students have been learning about deforestation, climate change, poaching, global warming and ecosystems.  Students have been engaged and have asked lots of interesting questions.  Students have also used this EFC project to take ownership of their learning and independently researched further information.

All students have been learning a variety of different skills- such as analytical skills, mind mapping and drawing which will help them with their other subjects.

Students have also extended their learning through project based homework. This has involved studying different art movements, researching WWF and researching endangered species.  Students have had the opportunity to show case their work in our Year 8 gallery walks which always receives positive reviews from both staff and students.

Students are now onto their final piece of artwork where they will produce A piece of art in response to the brief ‘Wild Wonders’ and in addition write an analysis of their own art piece which explains how it links to the social issues they have explored.

4th December 2017

Year 7 EFC

#Behind the Selfie

Year 7 EFC students have made a very good start to their new project #Behind the Selfie. During this project students will explore dimensions of their identity and create an image which visually expresses two sides of their selves. They will draw a self-portrait that represents their outer self and in the background of the self-portrait, students will create a collage that represents their personal vision and the things that make them unique. They will conduct a number of experiments to investigate how we see, hear, taste and smell and they will need to be able to explain this. As well as this students will be developing their art skills to enable them to draw a portrait that uses the correct proportions, looks realistic and includes tone and shading.

 Students will be asking themselves the following:

  • How can I use the senses to experience the world?
  • How can I create a beautiful self-portrait which truly represents me?
  • Are selfies simply 21st century portraits?

The projects will focus the students on the following skills:

  • To develop the skill of sketching and close observation
  • To be able to use tone and shading effectively
  • To be able to draw in proportion by using the grid method
  • To be able to use symbolism effectively
  • To understand the anatomy of the face including the skull
  • To understand how the eye, ear, mouth and nose work
  • To understand what the five senses are and how they work
  • To be able to write up a scientific experiment.

As part of this project students welcomed local artist, Jon Collins to the school, who taught them a master lesson on portraits. Jon Collins is a successful painter, having sold his work to customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. He is now Chairman of the Banstead Art Group and most of his work comes from commissions.

During Jon’s class, students learnt all about the structure of the face and how to draw an outline of the face, paying attention to the nose, eyes and face outline. Students also learnt about different types of shading that can be applied to ensure that their portrait is as realistic as possible. Students enjoyed the class very much and at the end where given the opportunity to ask Mr Collins a range of questions on his artwork. Further information on Jon Collins can be found at www.joncollins.co

Throughout this project students will be given a variety of homework which will involve researching different art movements, analysing portraits of key historical figures and writing up scientific experiments.

Year 8 EFC

Global Canvas

Following on from a successful Remembrance exhibition, Year 8 students have fully immersed themselves in their new project Global Canvas

In this project students will explore how art can be used to convey a social message. Students will investigate issues concerning wildlife and the environment. They will work independently to produce a piece of art in response to one of these issues. Students will then have to write an analysis of their work and explain how it shows the problems and dangers facing wildlife.

A school exhibition will be held of all student work and the best entries will be put forward to the annual competition held by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. If selected by the foundation, entries will be exhibited at the Natural History Museum.

During this project students will focus on the following skills:

  • To be able to explain how climate change is affected by human behaviour
  • To be able to explain the impact of climate change on animals
  • To understand that hunting and illegal wildlife trade are major threats to animals
  • To explore why animals are hunted
  • To understand the effect pollution can have on the environment
  • To be able to analyse art effectively
  • To be able to use tone effectively
  • To understand colour theory and to be able to use colour effectively
  • To understand how images can be emotive
  • To be able to create an effective composition
  • To be able to use a range of media

As part of their project, students have been invited to London Zoo where they will participate in a workshop on “Climate Change and Animals”, in which students will explore how our changing climate affects people and animals around the world. Letters have been sent to students.

13th November 2017

Year 7 EFC

Year 7 students have now come to the end of their first EFC project: Being a Stanley Parker.  Since September Year 7 are more confident in their ICT skills through the continuous use of Google Docs and Chrome Books.  Students now have the confidence to work independently and have been learning new ICT information every lesson.  Students have been supporting one another and working as a team.

All students have met the final deadline and have learnt the importance of organising themselves and focusing on this deadline. They have all worked as a team and have learnt many skills in meeting this deadline such as general organisation, time management, scheduling, planning and coordinating resources.  All EFC teachers are extremely proud and happy with how much progress all Year 7 students have made in this area  as meeting deadlines is such an important skill that students will need to master as they progress here at Stanley Park High.  This skill will be used in all of our projects and we are confident that with this skill students will excel here.

All students have learnt the value of drafting and redrafting in the writing process. They have learnt about prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. Students have learnt the steps involved in producing a quality piece of work and identifying where further progress can be made. In addition students have learnt how important it is to produce writing suitable to a variety of audiences-including on-demand and timed writings that do not follow the full writing process

We hope to have the final book ready for publishing in the next few weeks where additional information will be given to all parents and carers on the cost of the book and how to purchase it.

In EFC we are very proud of all the work that students produce. As good practice we ensure that all students are fully involved in showcasing their work in our regular gallery walks in their mini - schools for others to see and comment on. We encourage positive and constructive feedback so that students can see where they went well and how they could improve.  Year 7 EFC students have welcomed this and have found this a very rewarding experience.  We look forward to more gallery walks in our next project.

Year 8 EFC

Year 8 EFC students have had a fantastic end to their Remembrance project. On Wednesday 8th November all students showcased their WW1 work at our annual Remembrance Exhibition.  This included propaganda posters, WW1 artefacts, WW1 Uniforms, WW1 weapons and communication.

Year 8 students acted as tour guides and led parents, carers and visitors through to the various studios were they could spend time reflecting on WW1.  The commemoration evening commenced with a WW1 project overview, and an introduction to WW1 explaining the lead up to the war, the enthusiasm of the soldiers to the utter devastation of WW1. Throughout the evening parents, carers and visitors walked through the atrium, and EFC studios looking at students’ work and providing feedback to individual students. The evening was full of positive feedback. There was an opportunity to experience life in the trenches, visit the memorial garden for 2LT Tommy George RFC.  There was also an opportunity to look at portraits of soldiers who fought in the Great War and read poetry that students had produced reflecting the Great War. The evening ended with a play, a poetry reading from Year 8 students and 2 minute silence to remember the fallen.

To conclude their Remembrance project, students had the opportunity to visit Ypres in Belgium on Friday 10th November. Students departed Stanley Park early in the morning and throughout the day spent time at Essex Farm, The Sanctuary Wood Museum, Tyne Cot Cemetery and Langemark German Cemetery. Students were able to pay their respects to the fallen and found the experience very emotional and moving. A school wreath was placed at the cemetery on behalf of Stanley Park High School in honour of the fallen in Ypres.

image1  IMG_7378

Throughout this project, all Year 8 EFC students have learnt so much about WW1, students studied a range of historical causes to investigate the causes and conditions of WW1. Students considered the role of remembrance and why it is so important. Each student took ownership for creating an independent commission to be displayed at our commemoration evening and worked to their strengths. We are proud of how mature and sensitive the students have been throughout this project and how articulate and informative they have been when giving information on WW1.

6th November 2017

Being a Stanley Parker - Year 7 EFC

Our Year 7 students were very busy in the weeks leading up to half term. They have been developing their IT skills, using Chrome books and Google docs to prepare for their presentation on their topic for their ‘Being a Stanley Parker’ book. Before half term all students had the opportunity to present their selected subject to their mini- school. This was a real challenge for some of our Year 7 students and they should all be very proud of themselves!

During the next few weeks, our Year 7 EFC students will be busy putting together the final pieces of their ‘Being a Stanley Parker’ page. This will involve their final edited version and picture illustration.  Students have now taken on a variety of roles to ensure that they all meet the deadline so the book can be published on time. These roles include editing, illustrating, writing, style and front cover design. They have the responsibility of ensuring that that the final written version meets the set criteria and house style and that the visuals are of the best quality.  Students are really enjoying – and benefiting from - the sense of responsibility that this is bringing. They are making professional decisions and are having diplomatic conversations with their peers regarding their work to ensure that the deadline is met and that the quality of the work is of the highest standard.

Students have also started displaying their work on the studio walls and have a tangible sense of of ownership of their work EFC teachers are very proud of how far they have come along since their start at Stanley Park in September.

Remembrance Project - Year 8 EFC

Year 8 students had a fantastic end to the half term with lots of varied activities for their Remembrance project. Students are now in groups working on their individual project and all students are working hard, taking a real interest in their chosen area and EFC teachers are very much looking forward to their final piece of work which will be displayed on Wednesday 8th November from 4-5pm in the Atrium, where we will be hosting our annual WW1 Remembrance Exhibition.

Alongside to their individual project students have been fortunate to have had two outside visitors who have come to share their experience and knowledge of WW1. Our first visitor was Cat Hubbard, an experienced speaker from Sutton Schools Work, who came to talk to our Year 8 students on the different religions in WW1. This extended their learning on how religion was so important to soldiers during WW1. On the last day of term students were given a talk by two veterans from the British Legion. Both men had served in wars with one veteran who was 99 years old and spoke about his experience in WWII. Throughout this talk students learnt so much on the war. Students learnt about the medals that were awarded when the British Legion was formed, the role of the British Legion and the poppy and its significance. Students and staff asked lots of interesting questions and after this session students went one by one to shake their hands and talk to them.

All students have had the opportunity to showcase their homework through our weekly gallery walks. Students have walked around and admired homework from other mini- schools and the work has been very impressive. Students have made poppy wreaths, written poems and diaries from WW1 soldiers and even made a trench from cake.  Students have really taken ownership of this project and have used their homework tasks as a way to consolidate their learning and understanding of WW1.

To mark the end of this Remembrance project, students will be going to Ypres on Friday 10th November where students will visit the battlefields, trenches, mine craters and concrete bunkers. Students will also visit the WW1 cemetery and will see the scale of military casualties from the German, French and British Armies during the battles of the Ypres Salient which amounted to several hundred thousand dead. Their graves are marked by over 100 military burial grounds on the old Ypres Salient 1914-1918 battlefields.

We look forward to seeing all parents and carers on Wednesday 8th November from 4-5pm at our WW1 Remembrance Exhibition which will be held in the Atrium, library and mini- schools EFC Studio. 

IMG_6745      IMG_2521

IMG_2517      IMG_2510

30th October 2017

Being a Stanley Parker – All About EFC

Year 7 students have made a fantastic start to their first project: “Being a Stanley Parker.   Students will investigate life at Stanley Park High and collaborate to create an A-Z guide book. This book will become a part of the school publicity materials, will be available to all visitors to the school and will help the Year Sevens of the future to understand life at SPH.  Each student will research and write about a specific aspect of life at the school.

Students have been exploring all aspects of Stanley Park and have been asked the following ‘driving’ questions in EFC lessons:

  • How can we produce work that is of a publishable standard?
  • How do we write to inform?
  • What does it mean to be a member of Stanley Park High?

Students have interviewed Year 8 students on being a Stanley Parker, asking questions on their chosen topic.  In addition to this, students have learnt how to write formal emails to staff members, asking questions about their time here at Stanley Park High.  They have also learned about interview techniques and have been developing and improving their writing skills. The answers from the interviews will form part of their page in the final book.  Students have used this exercise to improve on their creative writing skills, conduct self and peer assessment and ensure that their literacy is outstanding. In addition students have learnt how to write for a specific purpose and audience, to gather reliable information from different sources and to give an informative presentation on their chosen topic.

Students have also put their artistic and creative skills into practise and have learnt how to draw to the style of Tom Gates and Jeff Kinnley in order to illustrate their book.

Finally, this s project has given students an opportunity to learn how to use our new Chrome books and have been having fun getting to use Google Docs. This has opened up a lot of useful learning tools for pupils, and they have been drafting and redrafting work.  Students now have increased confidence in their ICT skills and have used these to format and enhance their written documents.

Year 8 EFC

As part of their Remembrance project, Year 8 students have been learning all about World War 1 and life during the war.  Students have learnt about life in the trenches, propaganda and The Battle of Somme. We have also studied how Carshalton was affected in the war. Did you know that the nearest recruiting office was in Drill Hall in Sutton?  

Students have read stories from soldiers from Sutton and Carshalton who served in the war, and have analysed and questioned different historical sources from bar graphs to extracts from local newspapers dated in 1921.  They have been able to interpret this information and give opinions on what these different sources can tell us and what we can learn.

Our year 8s have also been studying war poetry by Rupert Brooke and E.A Mackintosh.  They have analysed poetry from the perspective of a child whose father has gone to war, a mother whose son has gone to war and a soldier at war.  We have also been studying landscape drawings by Paul Nash, Austin Spare and John Singer Sargent.  Students will eventually draw their own portrait of soldier, a landscape of WW1 or write a poem about the war. All tasks will be accompanied by a personal written response which will complement the work created. During this project the Year 8 students will be listening to a talk by the British Legion. Students will also be responsible for fundraising for the 2017 Poppy Appeal and raising awareness of the importance of the appeal throughout the school. A piece of art or poetry about World War One to be exhibited at a memorial event organised by the students on November 8th 2017 here at Stanley Park.

Throughout this project students have been asked to be critical thinkers, reflective in their approach to WW1 and enjoyed the challenge that this topic has given them. Not only do students understand the short and long term consequences of WW1 but are also to talk about the impact of the war in the local community. Students have also used this topic to talk to family members and have bought into school lots of memorabilia for staff and students to look at.

Students have also been given a remembrance homework booklet and have been bringing on lots of impressive work.  Students have really gone out of their way to research on the topic of WW1 and we are very proud of them.