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Friday, 4th December 2015

Year 8 – Visit from Sherwood Park School

On Tuesday we were very pleased to welcome two members of staff from Sherwood Park School to see the wonderful work of our Year 8 students in EFC. Over the past half term the Year 8 EFC classes have been working on a project called ‘Remembrance’. During the project students have learnt about the complex causes of World War One, written a historically accurate essay, explored the awful conditions of the war and produced a sensory story to teach young people with multiple and profound learning difficulties about an aspect of World War One.

We have been working in collaboration with Louise from Sherwood Park School who over the course of the project has been in to deliver workshops to our students about sensory stories. We have also had a visit from Bag Books, a charity who produce sensory stories who gave our students some important tips.

It was wonderful for our students to be able to showcase their work to teachers who use sensory stories on a daily basis. The teachers very impressed with the quality of the final outcomes and the creativity of our students. It was great for the pupils to have valuable feedback on their work and we are very excited for some of them to be able to deliver their stories to students from Sherwood Park in the new year.


Year 7 – Global Canvas

Over the next week, students from World, Trade, and Performance will be putting together their final pieces of art for the Global Canvas project. Only the best ones will be submitted to the David Sheppard Wildlife Foundation competition! There is already some fierce competition out there. Good luck to all!

Congratulations to 7JL!

They have adopted a baby elephant. Stay tuned for more!

Progress Update – Immigration Nation Mural

Ladies and gentlemen! Our mural is finally up. There are a few finishing touches being added at the moment but do take a moment to take a look and revel in its beauty. A big thank you to Mr Jootna, Mr Fletcher, Mr Leech, Miss Alden, Miss Arnold, and all the EFC staff who helped make this mural happen.



Friday, 27th November 2015

This half term our year 7 and 8 students are working on a project called Global Canvas. Over the last few weeks, students have been investigating issues concerning wildlife and the environment in order to produce a piece of art in response to one of these issues. By the end of the project, students will then have to write an analysis of their work and explain how it shows the problems and dangers facing wildlife. The project will explore how art can be used to convey a social message.

Year 7 – Fun Run for the World Wildlife Foundation

In light of this project, the students from 7VH have organised a fun run in order to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation. This event will take place on December 17th during period 6.

Students will complete a 5K run around the running track in animal onesies to raise awareness about animal poaching, endangered species and promoting the conservation of these animals and their habitats.

Although teachers would love to take credit for the idea, it was none other than Caitlin Bailey who put forward this wonderful suggestion and organised the whole thing! Well done Caitlin!

Adopting a Panda

Congratulations 7CT! Students have decided to adopt a panda in light of the Global Canvas project. We will be posting updates as soon as we can. We are very excited to help protect this endangered animal and aid in its conservation.


Year 8 – Special Guest for Multi-Sensory Stories

Year 8 World EFC students received some excellent feedback from Mr Davies, an ex Headteacher and Human Scale Education trustee, whilst observing the rehearsals of their multi-sensory stories*. He visited Stanley Park on Wednesday, 18th of November and had nothing but the most uplifting things to say about his experience in EFC:

“...quick refection...I thoroughly enjoyed our sojourn to year 8….especially the general FLOW of activity, chat and engagement; SYNERGY of approaches to setting task, questioning, resourcing, grouping and outcome…seemed to me a new and vibrant COHERENCE but above all the alignment of social/community ETHOS and REAL learning…great and thanks for finding time to share it with me… “

* Check out the link to find out more about multi-sensory stories. Bag Books is a charity that creates these wonderful resources: www.youtube.com/bagbooks

Friday, 20th November 2015

Despite the rain, the year 7 World students braved the weather and headed on a bear hunt. Well, there were no bears in sight but they did see a Sumatran tiger cleaning itself, a giraffe being fed, a pygmy hippo or two, some friendly kangaroos, and a family of Western Lowland gorillas.

At the reptile house, students could chat with staff that had multiple animal products on display. They were seized at Heathrow airport and donated to the zoo for educating pupils about wildlife crime – especially poaching. From snake skins to dinosaur bones, the staff encouraged the students to learn through play.

One of the ladies stopped Mrs Fitter and insisted on telling her just how lovely and well behaved the pupils were. “Great school” – she said grinning whilst also giving her the thumbs up.

Well done Stanley Park! It’s been another successful trip for our EFC students. A big thank you to Mrs Fisher, Mrs Fitter, Mr Childs, Mr Mayanja and Miss Tomkins for helping out! 


Monday, 16th November 2015

A big thank you to 7MC and 8GR for helping Mr Jootna put together the “Immigration Nation” mural. Last year’s year 8 pupils completed a project which culminated in an art piece. The students interviewed an individual who immigrated to the UK and painted a mural piece in their honour – including a quote from the interview. This is a massive undertaking and we are excited to see the project proudly displayed in the atrium.

Miss Tomkins, Performance EFC teacher, put her creative mind to the test and took on a mural piece of her own. She dedicated her piece to her mother, Nhung Tomkins. Although not an immigrant to the UK, Mrs Tomkins immigrated to Canada in the 1970s to escape the horrors of the Vietnam war. She came over on a student visa and has since then earned Canadian citizenship. She now lives in Ottawa where she has resided for over 30 years.