Being a Stanley Parker

Inside my Head

The People are Revolting

Teacher’s Pet



7 weeks

7.5 weeks

6 weeks

6 weeks

Subjects Covered

Transition/ SEAL


ICT and Media

Art & design





Teacher’s Choice

Final Outcome

One page of illustrated writing for the A-Z guide per student

An accurately drawn self-portrait. 

Harkness debate

History exam & essay

Ballad & performance

Teacher’s Choice


Presentation of page/topic

Presentation to link primary schools and open evening participation

Presentation of final exhibition piece

Performance of ballad

Harkness discussion 

Teacher’s Choice


Writing to inform

Interviewing older students

Reading non-fiction texts

Writing up scientific experiments with correct terminology and formatting.

Analysing art work.

Writing a structured and evidentially supported essay

Analysing sources

Writing and performing a ballad

Teacher’s Choice

Focus Attribute



Intellectual curiosity


Driving Questions

What does it mean to be a member of SPH?

How can we produce a piece of work that is of a publishable standard?

How do we write to inform?

How do I experience the world?

How can I represent who I am without using words?

How can I create a beautiful self-portrait which truly represents me?

Can protest really bring about change?

Does poetry have a role in protest?

Teacher’s Choice

Key Content

To explore the SPH attributes.

To develop knowledge of school life

To be able to write for different purpose and audience

To understand how to gather reliable information

To be able to use ICT to format and enhance a written document

To develop presentation skills

To understand the purpose of redrafting

To develop observational drawing

To understand how to use proportion

To understand how to use tone effectively

To explore how artists have represented themselves in self portraits

To understand how the skull and facial muscles are constructed

To understand how the eye, ear, mouth and nose work.

To understand how the brain processes sensory information.

To be able to conduct a fair experiment

To be able to write up a scientific experiment

To understand the term chronology

To be able to analyse sources

To be able to question the reliability of sources

To be able to create a structured and evidentially supported response to a question

To be able to identify significant events, make connections, draw contrast and analyse trends linked to the topic of revolution.

To understand the causes of either The Peasants’ Revolt or the English Civil War.

To be able to apply the conventions of a ballad

To be able use effective dramatic techniques to add meaning to a performance of a poem. 

Teacher’s Choice




The Sky’s the Limit

Backpacking Project

Out and About


6 weeks

2 weeks

5 weeks

Subjects Covered








Final Outcome

A play which is written, produced, directed and performed by students 

A scrapbook which details a planned journey around Europe

Survival Day

Independent Project 


Drama and role play

Presentation of project

Communicating effectively with a team


Script layout

Storyline, plot and character

Reading and performing scripts 

Writing accurate travel diaries 

Communicating effectively with a team

Focus Attribute

Risk taking



Team work

Driving Questions

What makes an exciting play?

How can we work together to create an engaging and tragic play?

Where in Europe would I like to travel to?

How can I plan a trip of a lifetime which is still within budget?

 Can I survive in a difficult situation?

Can I rely on myself?

How well do I work in a team? 

Key Content

To understand the conventions of a tragedy

To understand the narrative structure of a play.

To be able to use a range of dramatic approaches and techniques.

To be able to develop characterisation.

To be able to write and format a script.

To be able to create effective set, props and costumes.

To be able to use sound and lighting for effect.

To be able to market a play effectively.

To learn about the countries in Europe.

To be able to use the internet effectively to research

To evaluate different travel options

To be able to use Excel to create a budget

To be able to present my work creatively. 

To be able to work effectively in a team.

To understand the basics of First Aid:

To be able to define the acronym DRAB
To be able to demonstrate how to put someone in the recovery position

To be able demonstrate how to perform CPR on an adult
To know the difference between performing CPR on an adult and a child

To be able to put up a tent appropriately

To be able to use a trangia safely

To be able to orientate a map

To be able to use a compass correctly

To be able to use four and six figure grid references

To understand how to use an OS map.