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A wide range of intervention strategies, utilising both internal and external resources, are accessed to provide support and guidance for all students, but particularly those on the RAN (Register of Additional Needs). The internal interventions include a very diverse curriculum, from the EFC in Years 7 and 8 through to the many vocational courses available in key stage 4. Individual Education Plans are in place for all students at School Action Plus and who are Statemented. Additional learning, literacy, numeracy and behaviour support are offered where relevant and small group sessions run, often focusing on issues such as social skills, self awareness and self control.

We work in conjunction with a number of external agencies to provide additional specialist support where appropriate, including Social Services, the Educational Psychology Service, the Behaviour Support Team, the Speech, Language and Communication Service, the Speech and Language Therapy Service, the School Nursing Service, the Family Planning Team, the Joint Adolescent Service, Sutton and District Training, Skills and Integrated Learning Centre and the Diamond Riding Centre.