Year 7 Objectives


To promote a love of reading through exposure to texts in class.

To begin to develop critical reading skills through reading strategies.

To expose students to different styles of writing and encourage experimentation in own writing.

To develop accuracy and confidence in written and spoken communication.


To be able to communicate and understand about:

Self, school, hobbies, where I live and holidays in French.

To learn skills for spontaneous speaking and writing in French.

To learn techniques for translation to and from French.

To understand and be able to apply grammar rules in written and spoken French.




To develop ability to recognise instrumentation.

To develop ability to use and control their own voice.

To develop instrumental skills individually.

To develop the ability to work musically in groups.

To develop the ability to write music.



- Understand how multicellular organisms are organised in order to carry out the 7 life process.
- Understand how humans become sexually mature and how animals reproduce sexually, in an assisted way and how they give birth.
- Understand how muscles and bones bring about movement in the body and understand how drugs affect the body.
- Understand what an ecosystem is and how variation and adaptation in organisms and changes in their environment contribute to creating an ecosystem.


- Understand how particles interact and describe methods for purifying substances.
- Describe real life uses of acids and alkalis, and predict the products of a neutralisation reaction.
- Name the three states of matter and use data to describe the properties of particles in each state.
- Use knowledge of atoms to describe the substances which make up the world in which we live.


- Investigate how and why energy is stored/transferred and the uses of stored and renewable energy.
- Investigate voltage, current and resistance in series and parallel circuits.
- Understand how forces can be calculated.
- Investigate how sound is caused by vibrations can be shown as waves and measured.


To develop Spanish language skills in a variety of contexts, to broaden understanding of the culture of other countries and communities where Spanish is spoken, to encourage the enjoyment of language learning and to encourage the recognition that language skills enable students to take their place in a multi-lingual global society, to develop students ability to write and speak in Spanish and to understand Spanish when it is written down and spoken.