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Educational Visits

The school works hard to provide a full range of social, cultural, recreational and educational visits. These can occur during the school day, after school hours, at weekends and in school holidays. Examples include:

  • Skiing during the Spring half term;
  • EFC Trips to both Gloucestershire (Year 7) and the WW1 Battlefield in Ypres, Belgium (Year 8)
  • Theatre Visits
  • Subject-based Field Work Trips also take place throughout the year

In line with guidance issued by the Department for Education, we ask parents/carers to complete a consent form to gain permission for students to take part in school trips/other off-site activities and be given first aid or urgent medical treatment during the school trip or activity as considered necessary by the first aider or medical authorities present. This consent covers the student’s participation in school visits and other offsite activities which may include adventure activities, residential visits and offsite sporting fixtures during and outside the school day. 

Additional written parental consent will not be requested for the majority of off-site activities offered by the school. For example, a visit within the local area, as such visits are part of the school’s curriculum and will usually take part during the normal school day. For visits or activities during the school day within the local area parents will be advised in advance via a note in the student planner. For visits or activities that are held not within the school day, are residential, involve hazardous activities or are not within the local area, parents will be informed in advance in writing and written consent will be requested. 

In the event that parents wish to withdraw their child from a specific visit or activity offered by the school, confirmation in writing is required via either the student planner or by letter. 

Educational Activities During School Hours

Parents may be asked to provide voluntary contributions towards additional activities and trips taking place during school hours. No student will be treated differently according to whether or not the parent/carer has contributed. However, if insufficient funds are received to cover the cost of the activity, it may be cancelled.

Educational Activities Outside School Hours

A charge may be made for educational activities taking place wholly or mainly outside school hours unless the activity is required as part of the National Curriculum or a prescribed public examination, in which case only a charge for board and lodging on a residential visit may be made.

Educational Visits Consent Letter
Educational Visits Consent Form