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Examination Office Information

The Examinations Office exists to make administrative arrangements for candidates to sit public examinations and receive their results. As far as we can, we try to ensure that each candidate’s only concern is to perform at his/her best in the exams. However, in order for the Examinations Office to work efficiently, it must be kept informed. It is the Candidate’s responsibility (NOT parents, guardians or teachers) to ensure that the information the Exams Office has is correct.

It is imperative that Stanley Park High and students follow the guidelines set out by the awarding exam bodies in conjunction with JCQ. Please take some time to read the guidelines set out by JCQ and Stanley Park High policy for sitting Public/Internal Examinations from the links provided.

The Exams Team:

Miss Charlie Beadle
Exams Officer – All External/Internal Examinations & Post Results Service
Email: exams@stanleyparkhigh.org.uk
Tel: 0208 647 5842

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Information for Pupils - Coursework
Information for Pupils - Controlled Assessment
Information for Pupils - Onscreen Tests
Information for Pupils - Privacy Notice
Information for Pupils - Social Media
SPH - Exam Regulations
SPH - Controlled Assessment Policy
Information for Pupils - Non-examined Assessment
JCQ No Mobile Phone warning
SPH Malpractice Policy
JCQ Warning to Candidates

Forthcoming Exams

External BTEC exams:

  • 10th November - Retail (on-screen) Yr12
  • 7th December - Sport (on-screen) Yr11
  • 9th January - Construction Technology Yr11
  • 9th January - Digital Media Sectors and Audiences (Creative Media) Yr10 and 11
  • 10th January - Patterns of Child Development Yr11
  • 10th January - Human Lifespan Development (Health and Social Care) Yr12 and 13
  • 11th January - The UK Travel and Tourism Sector Yr10 and 12
  • 11th January - The Role and Work of the Public Services Yr12
  • 12th January - Working in Health and Social Care Yr12 and 13
  • 12th January - Hair and Beauty Yr11
  • 17th January - Personal and Business Finance Yr13
  • 25th January - Information Technology Systems Yr13


Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable December 2017
Year 13 & 11 Mock Exam Timetable February 2018