Ingenious, Interactive, Immersive Y8 EFC War Exhibition and Visit

The Y8 EFC War Exhibition has been hailed as the best yet. 

It was an ingenious, interactive and immersive experience where visitors were taken into a journey of understanding which began with propaganda posters – designed by pupils - and recruitment stands; students attempted to recruit visitors to “sign up” to the war effort.  After this, visitors were shown portraits (created by pupils) of real British men who had volunteered for European wars; in studying these portraits, visitors also learned about the lives of these soldiers.  Following this, visitors were taken through the Trench Experience exhibit where they could see, feel and hear the confusion of frontline battle.  Close by was another visual element that showcased pupils’ artwork inspired by the War Artist Paul Nash.  Finally, visitors listened to war poetry – written and performed by pupils – which explored the horror of war as well as notions of patriotism, sacrifice and camaraderie.

Well done to Y8 and the EFC team for constructing such a dynamic and powerful war exhibition!

Mirabel Windsor