Break-Time Businesses!

As you may already be aware, some of our entrepreneurial Year 10 students spent the last five break-times selling delicious treats in the Atrium, both for their GCSE Business Studies project and for the first-rate local charity, Sutton Mencap.

Brooke Knight, one of the innovative Year 10s who took part in this activity, had this to say:

“We made individually-shaped handmade gingerbread cookies, as well as little bags of crunchy gingerbread chunks. I was pleased that we not only broke even within a week but we also made a reasonable profit as well as giving 20% to charity. For me personally, it was initially rather daunting; the idea of having our peers as our customers seemed incredibly unrealistic at first. To start with, literally no one even noticed our stall because of poor positioning in a remote corner.  However, when we re-located to a more attention-grabbing place, business picked up. We had streams of students queuing up to buy our tasty seasonal products and by the end we’d nearly sold out. I’ve learned a great deal about taking ideas into production as well as profits, pricing, marketing and attracting customers. More students should learn through the experience of running their own business project and maybe they’ll start their own enterprises in the future.  For me, I loved the opportunity of working alongside other students (such fun, talented people!) who I’d never even spoken to before; it was an entirely new experience that I greatly enjoyed!"

Well done to all the Business students who took part in the event last week!  I have no doubt their success will encourage other budding entrepreneurs to follow suit.  

Mirabel Windsor