Sky’s The Limit

During the summer term, Year 7 World are working on  a project called ‘Sky’s The Limit’, which us creating our own play from scratch, including costume and set design, lighting and sound.

There are 7 different teams in the project: Producers, Script Writers, Actors, Set Design, Lighting and Sound, Costume design and Marketing. Each of these departments has a Head who will attend frequent meetings with producers to discuss their progress. 

So far, we have figured out the main storyline of our play and the name. The name is ‘Deer, Oh Deer’ which is about a group of teenage kids who go camping in the woods and cause harmless mayhem. We won’t reveal too much but let’s just say it is intriguing and will put you on the edge of your seat…

We still have a great deal to do with design, preparation, rehearsal and market research. 

Now you are probably wondering whether the teachers are helping us or not? However, this is going to be our play made by children with students as producers heads of the teams, script writers, sound and lighting, marketing and set and design!!

Sophie Capes and Sonja Waters