Poetry Evening

Last month, we had a poetry evening where all the students came together and performed poetry for the parents. Along with the poetry, there were cake stands, raffles and displayed work.

The different outcomes that you get from staging the poetry evening are: Building social skills (from talking to parents), building confidence (from speaking in front of large audiences), and building organizational skills (from designing the evening). We have also acquired self-confidence and public-speaking skills.

In order for this event to go well, we had to learn about multiple aspects of performance poetry. Firstly, a professional poet came in to teach us ways to construct poems. We listened to many different poetry songs ranging from Ed Sheeran to Tupak. Then, after writing our poems, we practised performing. We had to learn how to project our voices and how to keep the audience engaged.

From writing my poem, I have learned about all these five things:

  1. How to create a good flow in your poem
  2. How to rhyme words well
  3. How to present my poem clearly
  4. How to perform your poem loudly
  5. How to perform your poem with good expression

In order to write my ballad, I also needed to know how to make my ballad moving so that the audience felt the emotions that I was conveying. Not only that, but I also needed to know how to add similes, personification, metaphors and other techniques that make the poem more vivid. Overall, I have become a better writer, a better performer and a better student!

Zoya Elson

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