Year 9 SPH vs. Carshalton Girls

The year 9 rounder’s season continued with a home game against Carshalton Girls. Fielding first, SPH were off to an excellent start with Backstop, L. Edwards and R. Wills demonstrating some excellent teamwork, securing several outs on first base. Having secured several outs on the bases, SPH continued to excel with H. Ralph-Indarsigh catching two fantastic balls on the outfield. Despite Carshalton girls finishing their innings on an impressive 13 ½ rounder’s, SPH managed to secure 11 outs; an incredible amount for any rounder’s team, bringing Carshalton girl’s total score too just 6 rounder’s.

Swapping over, SPH looked confident to bat having done an incredible job as fielders. SPH quickly demonstrated they were just as effective as batsman, as they were at fielding. both L. Edwards, E. Mvidbulu and V. Bampiani secured fantastic full rounder’s, hitting the ball far beyond the outfielders. Following the second innings, SPH scored 15 rounder’s and only gave away 2 outs. 

An impressive game by all players.

Final score 14-6 to SPH.

Players player: Lucy Edwards
Managers player: Hannah Ralph-Indarsigh

Miss Mills