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Welcome to Post 16

A Vision of the Future


We are charged with preparing our students for a  future that nobody can predict, but will inevitably involve considerable and fast-paced changes. Key amongst these changes will be globalisation and busines innovation, with a move to an increasingly interconnected and  interdependent world where all   human lives will be intertwined,  regardless of where they live on the planet. Much of this globalisation and business innovation will be the result of developments in the multi-media world.

Given this future, we are delighted to be an exciting, forward thinking and innovative school. Housed in a ‘state of the art’ building with facilities and equipment that fully meet the demands of learning, our vision statement is ‘Igniting a Passion for Learning’. This shows a strong commitment to our view tha education should be exciting and challenging so that it instils a love of learning. Consequently, whilst we fully support the need for our students to have the  necessary knowledge and understanding to pass examinations, we strongly believe that the ability for any individual to succeed and be happy in the future will be strongly dependent on them acquiring a wider range of skills and attributes. We aim to ensure that all our students will have:

  • Ambition, commitment, resilience and perseverance
  • Confidence to take risks
  • An ability to organise and present themselves effectively
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Initiative and self-motivation to learn independently and with others
  • Optimism for a future in a rapidly changing world.

Miss D Patel
Post-16 Leader

Post 16 Curriculum for the Future

Following consultation with our community, our Post 16 curriculum has been carefully designed to offer a broad range of courses that are challenging, exciting and relevant to the varied needs of our students. This curriculum will enable students to prepare for:

  • Future study at colleges and universities, whether they be at home or overseas
  • Work based training, including Apprenticeships
  • Employment.

Are We the Place for You?

We are a very successful mixed community for students for all abilities, housed in a ‘state of the art’ building with facilities and equipment that fully meet the demands of learning in the 21st Century.

We hold Combined Specialist Status in Applied Learning and Mathematics & Computing and are only one of four Lead Schools for Human Scale Education in the country. These accreditations clearly demonstrate our commitment to the happiness, wellbeing, whole development and achievements of each and every student.

We believe that a gulf has opened up between what schools provide and what young people need. We will ensure that our students are literate, numerate and gain academic qualifications. However our emphasis is not solely on testing and passing exams at the expense of other skills and qualities that we believe are just as vital in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

We believe that the formation of excellent relationships is an essential prerequisite of effective learning and, as a result, all of our practice is designed to ensure this happens.

We offer engaging, collaborative and interactive learning processes that provide an ideal mix of theoretical and practical learning. 

We offer learning in various settings, not just in the classroom, and fully engage the wider community in learning.

We believe we have a unique offer. Please take some time to look at our website and please email any Post 16 enquiries to post16@stanleyparkhigh.org.uk