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Study Programme

Our Post-16 aim is to:

  • provide a range of qualifications from which learners can choose programmes that meet their needs and gain credits for their achievements;
  • ensure that the qualifications provided are worthwhile and valued and that learners can combine academic; and vocational studies appropriately and coherently;
  • offer some scope for specialisation;
  • encourage a high level of key skills;
  • offer clear progression routes into Higher Education, further training and employment.

Study Programme

Whilst following the guidelines of the National Curriculum, we are not limited by it and our inspirational staff encourage pupils to participate and engage in the learning process. The core of our curriculum offer is A- Levels, with most students taking three subjects at AS- Level in Year 12 and continuing to A2 in Year 13. Students with very high attainment at GCSE are encouraged to consider taking an additional subject in Year 12 and Year 13 where this is an appropriate option.

In addition to this we take pride in offering a range of Vocational Level 3 courses in subjects such as ICT, Business, Arts, Applied Science, typically reflecting the needs to our student’s. This combination of studies also allows for our Sporting Academy pupils to combine Level 3 AS, A2 and Vocational subjects. These courses also offer a route to specialist degree courses and apprenticeships, ensuring that we are providing for a wider range of our Year 11 leavers.

All young people need an excellent command of English and Mathematics to ensure their success in all areas of their future. To support this we offer our Post-16 students a full-time, course of study in GCSE English and Mathematics. Alongside this we also offer a Level 2 Programme for students, who for whatever reason do not gain the grades required for entry to an advanced level course. The programme combines new subjects and opportunities to do some re-sits, if needed, providing a second chance to gain access to an advanced level course.

Subjects may have differing period allocations to account for the needs of the courses. As a rule of thumb AS and A2 courses and Vocational courses at Certificate level are allocated 6 periods per week. Vocational courses at Subsidiary Diploma and Diploma level are allocated 10 periods per week.  All lessons are of 50 minutes duration.



In order to achieve excellence, students work much more independently and take greater responsibility for organising their work in and outside school. They are encouraged to be intellectually curious. The pace of work is challenging and requires motivation and self-discipline; success in examinations and the fulfilment of academic/vocational potential are also dependant on how engaged students are and how much effort is invested in their studies.


A system of regular assessment enables students to know how well they are doing and helps to identify and address any problem at an early stage. There is regular contact with parents through informal and formal meetings and academic progress reports. All parents are invited to arrange an appointment at any time if they wish to discuss a particular issue.