SPIRA is Stanley Park High’s Innovation and Research Academy which offers a range of training programmes and spaces to share our professional learning with others. Stanley Park High has been recognised for its innovative practice, commitment to the principles of human scale education, and its unique curriculum. We also offer tailor-made tours and packages to suit individual needs.

Stanley Park High has recently enjoyed a tremendously successful year, culminating in being named the UK’s Secondary School of the Year 2016 by the TES, who said: “Stanley Park High made it obvious that the welfare and wellbeing of the children comes above anything else”. Ofsted Inspectors (October 2015) described us as “innovative and imaginative, where students are very successfully prepared for their future lives. Practically all students respond to the school’s motto of ‘Igniting a Passion for Learning”.

We credit part of our innovative practice to the fact that we were part of the Building Schools for the Future programme in 2012 and moved in to our new premises in the same year. As a part of the BSF build we were tasked with being innovative in all aspects of schooling. This suited our philosophy completely as we had strong ideas about how our students would gain the best education for their needs. We have adopted a ‘schools within schools’ model where positive relationships are at the core of all we do. Our pedagogy, assessment and school structures are designed to not only ‘ignite a passion for learning’ amongst our community, but also to ensure that everyone – both staff and students alike – have bright and purposeful futures ahead of them. Students are prepared both socially and academically to enter a world where multi-tasking, risk taking and adaptability are paramount. Simultaneously, our staff develop a deep understanding of learning and are enabled to be creative in their practice.

In 2015 we set up SPIRA in order to continue to develop and evaluate our curriculum and pedagogical practice and to share, learn and grow in our professional learning with others. To enable this to happen, we offer a range of programmes and a suite of training spaces as detailed below.

Research-Engagement Immersion-Days
The-Professional-Learning-Centre Conferences


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