A calm, orderly environment is needed for good behaviour and constructive work. To help us achieve this Stanley Park High has a Behaviour Code for the classroom and a Governors’ Behaviour Code. Form Tutors discuss and explain the codes to year 7 students and ensure they understand them.


Sometimes students do behave inappropriately and we expect parental support in dealing with any breach of our Behaviour Code. Children may be given detention without notice for up to 30 minutes after school any day. All detentions will be recorded in the Student Planner.

You will receive at least 24 hours notice of any detention longer than 30 minutes. These take the form of School Detentions (1 hour) held every Thursday and Headteacher Detentions (60 minutes) held every Friday. Letters will be sent home by the Behaviour Support Team, under the Leadership of the Heads of School, indicating the need to attend these detentions.

Reward System

Carrots are awarded throughout the year for a variety of different reasons including effort and achievement inside or outside of the classroom, extra curricular activities, helpfulness to staff and care for the environment. Carrots are collated at the end of each week and are converted to house points. When students are awarded carrots a sticker will be placed in their planner. Students will receive a certificate when achieving the following number of carrots:


Number of Carrots









The House system also provides opportunities for students to display qualities of teamwork and leadership by taking part in competitive events across a variety of subjects, which lead to further opportunities to win carrots.

A running total is displayed around the school. At the end of the academic year the House with the most House points wins a trophy.

Each House will have its own notice board on which general house business, events and meetings will be posted.

The Governors' Behaviour Code sets out the expected standards of behaviour for students.

Governors Behaviour Code 2017