Attendance and Punctuality

Be Ready to Learn

Be Punctual

All students are expected to arrive at school by 8:20am so they are ready to start the lesson at 8:30am.

The main school doors are closed at 8:25am. Students arriving after this time must sign in on arrival and will be given a same day detention of 30 minutes after school.

In the case of persistent lateness the detention time will increase and parents will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss the issue.

In order to maximise learning time we no longer have registration sessions in the morning or afternoon so students will be registered in their lessons.

Any student who arrives late to school will be given a 30 minute detention after school. If they persist in being late this detention time will increase and parents will be invited in for a meeting to discuss our concerns about your child.

Have 100% Attendance

All students should aim for 100% attendance in order to learn. Research shows that high attendance is reflected in better achievement.

  • If your child has to be absent for any medical reasons such as appointments, the Form Tutor must be told in writing in advance. Please try to make all appointments outside of school hours.
  • Absence through illness must be reported to the School Office by telephoning the dedicated absence line on the first day. The absence line number is 0208 254 7804. All absences must also be explained in a letter on return to school. Contact can also be made by emailing
  • As from 1st September 2013 the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 have come into force. These amendments make it clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If such leave is granted the Head teachers will determine the number of school days a student can be away from school. No reference is made to family holidays or extended leave. This means that parents can no longer apply for holiday leave during term time.
  • Penalty Notices are issued in cases of poor attendance and for unauthorised absence in term time. The Penalty Notice fine is £120 per parent per student, which reduces to £60 if paid within 21 days.
  • All students must report to the Student Services to sign out if they have permission to leave the school site for any reason.

Government guidelines now require schools to intervene at the earliest indication of possible attendance problems. This means that all students with attendance below the school and government target of 95% will become part of the attendance team’s monitoring group. I would ask you to look at the table below which gives an indication of how we expect our school attendance action plan to operate.


95% - 100%

This is the expected attendance target level for all students.


90% - 95%

This level will trigger early action to establish and investigate the reasons for absence. Meetings are held in school with parents to discuss issues and develop strategies for improvement.


Below 90%

This is the government threshold for Persistent Absentee status. Cases are referred to the Borough School Attendance Officer at this stage and Fixed Penalty Notices of £120 may be issued.


One of the Attendance Officers (Mrs Stevens or Mrs Hollick) is always available to discuss any issues which may affect your son/daughter’s attendance – simply select the absence option on the school telephone system. Alternatively, please contact your child’s tutor or Progress Leader.

It is widely accepted that there is a strong link between regular attendance and levels of attainment whilst at school. We look forward therefore to further developing the effective relationships that have already been established between students, parents and the school to ensure that all students achieve their full potential.