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The Four Schools

In 2005 Stanley Park High was a relatively small school of approximately 800 students. We liked the small nature of our school because it meant that all our students were known personally. The drawback to larger schools is that students can get lost in the sheer size of them.

We strongly believe that excellent relationships are essential for effective learning and that forming these relationships becomes more challenging as the size of a school increases. We noticed this phenomenon as we became more popular during the years 2006-2010, moving from 800 students to over 1000. How could we maintain our desire for ‘small’ when our increasing popularity meant an increasing school population?

The answer was to design and create a ‘Schools within Schools’ approach. Through this we decided to break Stanley Park High into four ‘Small Schools’ – Horizon, Performance, Trade and World.


The first ‘Small School’ is Horizon. This school coordinates support for all students with Special Educational Needs, including our two specialist ASC bases, Aqua and Ignis. This school also contains Spark, our Learning Resources Centre, and our administrative areas.

The other three ‘Small Schools’ are Performance, Trade and World. On entry into Stanley Park High each student is placed into one of these schools, unless they have a Statement of Moderate ASC. Students will be placed in these ‘Small Schools’ according to information from the Primary schools. We will ensure that there is an equal number in terms of boy/girl and that the overall ability profile is the same in each. Students will not be placed in a particular ‘Small School’ because they are known to have a particular ability, gift or talent. For example, a student that is good at music will not necessarily be placed in Performance. In years 7 and 8 students will spend virtually all of their time in these ‘Small-Schools’ studying a common curriculum. Please see the Learning/Curriculum Page of this Web Site.

On the Ground Floor of each school will be our studios for the Excellent Futures Curriculum. These studios have been specifically designed to provide a flexible learning space in which a range of learning activities can take place. Above each of the studios will be the core learning spaces for English, Mathematics, Science and Information and Communication Technology. In Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 each of the Small Schools provide a specialism in terms of the Option Subjects that they provide.

These schools have their own building located off the Central Heart of the School. This central space, designed to resemble the corporate headquarters of a large-scale company, provides an ideal learning space for all of our students. It contains facilities for ICT and a variety of seating arrangements for students to group together and learn, both inside and outside formal lesson times. The whole area is softened with some large scale planting that will take advantage of the light and heat through our atrium glass roof.

At the southern end of the Atrium are our catering facilities, Flame and Stanley Perc. It contains a mixed furniture area allowing students and the community to eat in a variety of environments from cafe style through to formal dining.
All 'Small Schools' have their Staffing Structure under the Leadership of a Head of School.